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Iyad El-Baghdadi is a writer, human rights activist, and career entrepreneur who became prominent for tweeting and commenting on the Arab spring. He became well-known for The Arab Tyrant’s Manual, a collection of satirical tweets poking fun at tyrants in trouble, translated into 13 languages by sympathetic victims of tyranny around the world.

Iyad is a stateless Palestinian born and raised in the UAE. In spring 2014 he was detained without trial and expelled from the UAE. No reasons were given for his expulsion and there was no process for appeal. His baby son was born while he was stranded in Malaysia. He now resides in Norway, where he has received asylum.

When he's not being mistaken for the leader of ISIS, Iyad is working on The Arab Spring Manifesto, a two-volume book on a vision for the future of the post-Arab Spring Arab world. It is due to be completed this year.